Mortgage advisers help their clients through the mortgage process, whilst ensuring they get the most suitable mortgage on the market. They support their clients through the daunting prospect of deciding which mortgage is best for their situation. Mortgage advisers will prepare the paperwork and organise the whole process on behalf of the client, from beginning to end.

What does the mortgage process involve?

Initial client meeting

The adviser will start gathering relevant information for a mortgage application; similar to the paperwork a bank or building society would collect regarding credit history. This information is used to identify the best mortgage rate for a client. There is an initial meeting and/or conversation with the client to gather this information and to establish exactly their current circumstances and objectives.

The mortgage adviser will also share and discuss terms of business.

Research and second client meeting

After the initial client meeting, mortgage advisers will conduct research to find the best mortgage deals and present their findings to the client to show initial rates found and try to identify whether perhaps any other relevant information is needed. In this meeting, there is normally some additional fact finding more specific to the property being bought or remortgaged. Once the deal is accepted by the client, supporting documents will then be collected from them such as payslips and I.D. Quite often a client does not intentionally mislead, but payslips/company accounts can read differently on paper to what they think. It is vital that the mortgage adviser sees this information as the lender will scrutinise it before contracts can be drawn up.

The agreement in principle

The mortgage adviser will submit all of the paperwork and apply for the agreement in principle with the preferred lender. This would normally be once an offer has been accepted on the house, unless the client is under pressure from the estate agent to do so beforehand.

List of requirements to support the application

After a few days (depending on the lender), they will send the mortgage adviser a list of requirements to support the application. Usually, the mortgage adviser will have obtained this from the client beforehand, but there can sometimes be additional information that needs to be sent over.


Once the list of requirements has been signed off, the lender will instruct a valuation of the property the mortgage is for. During this time, there can be a fair amount of chasing from the mortgage adviser, to push the lender along.

 Mortgage Offer

Once the valuation has taken place and everything is in place, the lender will issue the mortgage offer. The mortgage adviser will then instruct their client to notify their solicitor to commence with the property searches. Once the mortgage offer is in place the mortgage adviser will stay in touch with the client and, where necessary, push relevant parties to support the client.

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